Private Wealth& Famiry Office Association Japan

this association will work for the economic developments of Japan, and also establish the business with other countries and Japanese company to develop new relationship with partners.

And We become the intermediary of investors and the entrepreneur, and work on society construction for all people to find happiness.

Private Wealth and Family Office Association

We cooperate with not only Japanese Company but also the overseas family offices.

The Company, the Family, the Life.. We offer the best concierge service for them.

Noblesse oblige
We contribute to all the people, the animal, the creature, the earth.

When the wealthy family use us, the asset management between generations is the most important.

The important things follow with accounting and tax, inheritance, the relationships of the family, the education of the family and philanthropy.

We support the important education to children of member and them.

Particularly, we support them with law advice, and share the reporting of information of the overseas Family Office and the strategical asset management.

Our Team

Private Wealth & Family office Association


About us

Chairman Yuya Ishikawa

Graduated KEIO university.
An administrative scrivener, real estate transactions license, an accounting firm, music, an entertainment office include law duties in Maine. A professional of law business of companies management.
I manage widely from company legal affairs to detective business.
The advisor of
-NPO Treasure Box of Dream.
-Several companies,
-Bird life international

Several hundred people gather when he holds a seminar.

Professional of Accounting and Financing. Bilingual. Cooperating task among Family office of China , Asia, EU. Advisor of several companies.

New business construction.
investment to Venture company.
I run the education-related business, medical system, beauty salon tools, entertainment business.
Advisor at several companies

M&A、Investment、real estate、Custom Order of Jewels.  
Professional of collecting several proposal, movable property , investment from all over the world. That can be reported to the memberships.

Professional of Sales Management.
I give consultation and the reconstruction of the corporation business for membership,

What we do for Membership

Membership : Regular membership, associate membership

  • if you are interested in membership, please submit the specified documents to the any membership or stuff, or Mail to our address.
  • Once your examination is passed, membership will be given.
  • Specified documents for membership and details are announced and handed in our Seminar.
    Please refer to an employee for the details.



over 40

# of Experties

over 30

# of Countries we accessr


# of Seminar we have done

Press release

Ask us

Private Wealth and Family Office Association

Private Wealth & Family Office

2-7-13-3F KitaAoyama Minatoku Tokyo

Law consultation

The corporation registration, the inheritance, a divorce, a trial, company legal affairs. in case you are in other countries: the introduction of any fields’ lawyers, a detective, security from company spy, the serious problem of the company, introduction to our memberships.
please apply for an email or an interview

Apply Membership

The specified documents are needed to apply membership.
please ask our staff or Membership.
or attending our seminar , or E-mail us directly.

Our Partners

Cooperation Company

Tsang group


web preparing


・Patent attorney
・Licensed tax accountant
・Administrative scrivener
・internal audit


Country we can support

Japan, United States, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Hong Kong, U. K., Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singaporean,Republic of Benin, etc.

Company Case

・Mergers and acquisitions.
・Business in
・capitalization strategy.
・internal audit
・Business document    production.
・WEB production.
・Overseas advance  support.
・Overseas insurance.
・Company credit investigation.


English conversation
Second language
Trip Vacation
Medical care
Solution for Domestic problem
Various seminars
meetup events

Private Wealth and Family Office Association

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